Jobs at Member One Federal Credit Union

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For more than 70 years Member One has helped its members reach their dreams and place themselves on a stronger financial footing.  Being a not-for-profit means that Member One looks beyond the bottom line; Member One embraces a business environment and model that focuses on the members’ financial well being first and foremost.  Through the wide array of Member One products and services, and through an emphasis on member-centered service, members can find a means to meet the financial challenges life has to offer.  It is this emphasis on the member that sets Member One apart from other financial institutions.  Member One is committed to insuring that each of its members receives a level of service that is fine-tuned to specific needs and that will help members find better lives.  Internally, Member One team members find that the credit union not only offers them a rewarding experience as they truly help others, but that the credit union offers a working environment that is fun and engaging!  The impressive average work tenure of team members at Member One is a testament to how Member One does not offer jobs but rather offers highly rewarding careers. 




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