Grow your Career with Member One

One Community:

In the 21st century, business is no longer just about profits-it is about strengthening communities and making the overall quality of life within the business footprint better. Being the largest credit union within its service area, Member One is in a unique position to pursue a business model that incorporates a desire for "betterness." What does a "betterness" model look like to Member One? It means that members have access to the arts. It means that members who need help can find assistance through charities. It means that members can find a host of community events from which to choose to attend in order to grow socially and personally. It means that educational opportunities grow throughout the region. Through its generous donations to non-profit organizations, charities and community projects, Member One gives back to the community that has allowed it to become what it is today, over 70 years after its formation.


One Choice:

If you have a sincere passion to help others, if you believe that business is more than just about business; that business is about building sustainable communities, and if you believe that education empowers individuals to better take control of their financial lives and their destinies, then you need to join Member One today! At Member One, you will be able to directly and positively impact people's lives and strengthen the community. You will find that the "Member One Way" will allow you to provide a level of service to members and colleagues that is unique and admirable. In short, as part of the Member One team, as you find not a job but a career, you will uncover a manner of doing business that is driven by personal empowerment.


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